Monday, December 1, 2008

Notes to our contributors

Labels have been added for all the usual categories. Please make sure to select a label on your recipe before you post!

Your recipe name should be the post title. Please, only one recipe per post... as labeling gets confusing.

There is also a label for Cooking Knowledge. Feel free to post all your tips and tricks to navigate the kitchen a little easier.

Post as much as you want. However, it would probably be best to schedule your posts (under post options) if you have quite a few at once.

Photos are a great since most people are visual but they're not required.

We've created a post template to make it easier and consistent if you are typing. You are not required to use.

If you have any tips/suggestions for the blog or reference sites/links, add-ins, please let us know.


farmermarvswife said...

Just this comment - I think you should add a guestbook for us non-contributors so we can thank you for what ever recipes we find that we like or want to use! Minnie

farmermarvswife said...

P.S. I have found some and also plan to try the zucchini boat one!