Saturday, January 24, 2009

Caramel Chocolate Cake


  • 3/4 c. packed brown sugar

  • 6 Tbsp butter, cubed

  • 2 Tbsp plus 1 c. cold milk, divided

  • 1/2 c. chopped pecans

  • 1 pkg German Choc. cake mix

  • 1 pkg (3.4 oz) instant butterscotch pudding mix

  • 2 c. Cool Whip


  1. For Drizzle: In small saucepan, combine brown sugar, butter and 2 Tbsp. milk. Cook and stir over low heat until sugar is dissolved.

  2. Increase heat to medium, do not stir. Cook 3-6 minutes, until bubbles form in center and color is amber brown.

  3. Remove from heat, stir in pecans. Cool to room temperature, stir occasionally.

  4. Cake: Meanwhile, prepare and bake cake according to pkg directions for two 9" round pans. Cool for 10 mins before removing to racks to cool completely.

  5. For Frosting: Whisk pudding mix and remaining milk until smooth. Fold in Cool Whip. Cover and refrigerate until thickened, about 20 mins.

  6. Place one cake layer on platter, spread with about 3/4 c. frosting mixture. Top with remaining cake layer. Frost tops and sides with remaining pudding mixture.

  7. Spoon pecan mixture around the top edge of cake.

  8. Serves 10-12; store in fridge.

This may seem like alot of work (which it really isn't) but it's worth it. I don't like butterscotch, but this quickly became a favorite at our house.

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